The mambo has an essential beat that goes quick-quick-slow complete with many weight shifting movements to allow for iconic hip swaying. 00:02 . If you are new to the country bar dance scene, I know how you feel! 1. Grapevine left. There are some branded cassettes that come up with dance step learning leaflet as well. Choreographer: Sue LipscombMusic: Watermelon Crawl by Tracy ByrdStep Sheet: Click here to downloadWatermelon Crawl is a beginner/intermediate, but is also super common and popular and a lot of fun. This dance is pretty easy also, but it's got a lot of moves, so you might need a slowed-down tutorial to help ya get through it. Tush Push19. Here’s my list of 20 beginner & popular line dances you will encounter: (click on them to pop down to each one). The mambo is all about the intense rush of adrenaline and extreme passion. 00:00. Single ladys is an awsum dance and fun to learn but by your advetar im guessing your a boy, it wouldnt quite work. Like the Power Jam, Cowboy Hustle can go with many songs and will get called out commonly. can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Cowboy Hustle (Line Dance) – Demo & Teach ( & Teach Video, Choreographer: Jessica Short and Kerry Kick (2014)Music: House Party by Sam HuntStep Sheet: Click here to download.House Party is a favorite one at The Ranch in Anaheim and after all, it is co-choreographed by Kerry Kick one of the weekly instructors there. They both are 32 counts, but this one’s more of a beginner line dance. can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Boot Scootin Boogie ( & Teach Video. I’ve only seen people dance the Tom Mattox & Skippy Blair version. International Rumba. A song that came out in 2010, Kesha’s “Cannibal,” is currently the soundtrack to one of the most popular dances. I'm the owner of CDT. Choreography: Bernard Bryson (Cupid)Music: Cupid Shuffle by CupidStep Sheet: Click here to download.Cupid Shuffle was choreographed by the singer Cupid and created simultaneously with his song The Cupid Shuffle that was recorded in 2006. A fun fact about the waltz is it was developed in Germany in the 1920s but it continues to be a core component of social events around the world. One thing interesting is that it’s kind of 2 dances in one. that seems pretty intermediate and takes some coordination! Choreographer: Jenny CainMusic: Good Time by Alan JacksonStep Sheet: Click here to download.Good Time, you’ll notice is actually not considered a beginner line dance! Slappin’ Leather has a part in it (the Slappin’ Leather part!) International Waltz. It was created by 14-year-old Jalaiah Harmon. Who do you follow? You can dance this to the Footloose song from the movies, but the movies actually didn’t have Slappin’ Leather as part of their choreography. The owner of this site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Achy Breaky Heart is a popular go-to at a country bar, but so many others work great. If you’re having trouble following the beat in the music, try tapping your foot or clapping your hands to stay in sync. Songs with dance steps for kids to learn. Cal. to have fun, make it your own and show-off a little on the dance floor. can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Electric Slide (Line Dance) – Demo & Teach ( & Teach Video. Are you looking for something to do? Even though it might not be easy at first, once you get the moves down, it should be easy from there! It is very common to see people doing the Wobble at weddings and parties as well as a local country bar where it is sure to get everyone out on the dance floor. And if by chance you watch the video below taken at the Cowboy Palace in Chatsworth and struck by the particular magic and charm of this scene click here to read the recounting of my experience there. Here are 10 basic dance moves you can learn in minutes and use every time you wanna bust a move. Are you looking for something to do? My list of what I think are 20 of the easiest and also popular line dances out there right now. When I first started dancing at parties, the 2 Step was the first move that truly came naturally to me. Simply set one foot to the side and bring your other foot to meet it then do the same with the other foot and continue alternating. It feels like a lot of spinning to me since besides two step-turns there are 4 turns and shuffles (to make the four walls of the house!) However, it is easy enough once you understand the basic fundamentals of the dance. Make your life simpler by learning one of the easiest languages for English speakers to master! 00:02 Fullscreen . Some Surprising Facts. Today, the paso doble is commonly performed at social events. Cupid Shuffle2. Electric Slide4. This easy dance paired with a happy-go-lucky tune may be just what you need right now. “To the right, to the right, to the right, to the right… To the left, to the left, to the left, to the left… Now kick…” so, no excuses, you can do this! Samba the hardest Latin dance. link to What Is the History of Line Dancing? Winner: Spanish. 22 miles long it says at one point! I think that part is supposed to be the “watermelon crawl.” And the song, of course, has a good message: “If you drink, don’t drive…do the watermelon crawl.” Click on the video below to see Ranch dance instructor Shelly Graham demo the dance! can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Watermelon Crawl – Line Dance (Demo) ( Video.