We’re offering promotions and an increase in pay but we’re asking for some flexibility in return, which will help lower our operating costs. The data for crew will be used as part of final discussions with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to approve an extension to current operating limits required for these ultra long haul services. “The aircraft and engine combination is next generation technology but it’s thoroughly proven after more than two years in service. For the next two years, speculations about Project Sunrise swirled among Qantas watchers. Now, the ambitious plan sits indefinitely shelved as the airline flies through the unpredicted headwinds of 2020. Qantas has put forward a number of suggestions to AIPA on how the gap might be closed while still offering three per cent annual pay increases and promotional opportunities to its long haul pilots. As it stood, neither aircraft manufacturer produced an aircraft with the legs to fly between, say, Sydney and New York nonstop with an economically viable payload. Once complete, Qantas will have almost 60 hours of ‘Sunrise flying’ experience and thousands of data points on crew and passenger wellbeing. Qantas’ Alan Joyce remains bullish about Project Sunrise, but he isn’t about to provide a timeline of when the ultra-long-range flights might start. Rumor has it Boeing submitted a very price competitive offer. What is Project Sunrise? So while timelines get pushed back and things are uncertain at the moment, it seems likely that Project Sunrise will go ahead in one form or another. The flight is the second of three ultra long-haul research flights, known as Project Sunrise, focused on improving crew and passenger wellbeing on these lengthy jaunts. The Australian airline announced that it is working with Airbus to … Project Sunrise suddenly looked shaky on multiple fronts. Decisions were getting made, and deadlines were approaching. This aircraft uses the Rolls Royce Trent XWB engine, which has a strong reliability record after being in service with airlines for more than two years. Qantas is piloting Project Sunrise as a research effort that’s meant to study the effects of extreme long-haul flying on both passengers and crew. There was talk of in-flight gyms, cafes, and bunk beds. Despite current problems, he is bullish about the future of both Qantas and flying in general. “Can I thank both Airbus and Boeing for the tremendous effort they have put into Project Sunrise. However, what if Qantas did launch Project Sunrise much sooner? We use ads to keep our content free. The company provided a further update on the project, when it announced its FY2020 half-year results on February 20, 2020. These are the key questions and answers. Also, in the latter half of 2019, coinciding with this activity, Qantas ran three Project Sunrise “research flights.” These flights flew from New York to Sydney and London to Sydney nonstop using existing Qantas’ 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft. Reports indicate that Australian carrier Qantas will eventually go ahead with its plan to order aircraft specifically for Project Sunrise. But the flights were widely derided in Australia as marketing stunts. Recently departed Qantas International CEO, Tino La Spina said there is a “gap” between what the airline wants to pay and what the airline manufacturers expect the airline to pay. Qantas is about to fly a near-empty plane from London Heathrow airport to Sydney as part of “Project Sunrise”. Everyone figured it was down to either a modified Airbus A350 or Boeing 777X. While Qantas has announced its preliminary plans to fly Project Sunrise with the Airbus A350-1000, the airline has a few hurdles to clear before officially announcing the go-ahead for the ultra-long-range flights. Typically, people asked what aircraft would Qantas use, and where would they fly? Having long maintained Qantas would make a choice by the end of 2019, attention is starting to focus on the airline and speculation about its choice is mounting. While Project Sunrise planes flying in 2023 is out the window, the Qantas CEO is still keen on the idea. Flight 3 — New York to Sydney. “From the outset, we’ve been clear that Project Sunrise depends on a business case that works. It’s also worth noting that Project Sunrise will be a defining career mark for a CEO who has helmed Qantas since 2008. Based on detailed information already provided by Qantas on its fatigue risk management system, CASA has provisionally advised that it sees no regulatory obstacles to the Sunrise flights. Project Sunrise may refer to: . It was a tough choice between two very capable aircraft, made even harder by innovation from both manufacturers to improve on what they had already spent years designing.”, Sydney • Posted on 23rd December 2020, Merimbula • Posted on 18th December 2020, © The Official News Room of Qantas Airways Limited ABN 16 009 661 901, Qantas's Facebook Page (opens in new window), Qantas's Twitter Page (opens in new window), Qantas's Instagram Page (opens in new window), Qantas's LinkedIn Page (opens in new window), Qantas's YouTube Page (opens in new window), QANTAS AND JAPAN AIRLINES TO FORM JOINT BUSINESS TO DRIVE TOURISM RECOVERY, FLYING KANGAROO HOPS TO MERIMBULA FOR HOLIDAYS BY THE SEA, QANTAS CREATES MORE TRAVEL OPTIONS FOR CUSTOMERS ACROSS REGIONAL AUSTRALIA, Airbus A350 selected as preferred aircraft (no order placed), Deadline for confirming delivery slots extended by one month, Regulatory support for ultra long haul routes, pending formal application. Airbus will add an additional fuel tank and slightly increase the maximum takeoff weight to deliver the performance required for Sunrise routes. Project Sunrise is the admittedly very catchy name for plans by Qantas to launch non-stop flights from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to London, New York and a handful of other destinations. The flights form part of planning for Project Sunrise – Qantas’ goal to operate regular, non-stop commercial flights from the east coast of Australia (Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne) to London and New York. Working closely with airlines including Qantas and Virgin Australia, Andrew’s first-hand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing Australian airlines adds exciting depth and color to his work and sees him providing commentary to ABC News and more. Presciently, Qantas held off placing a firm order for the planes, wanting to nail down a few other issues around Project Sunrise, notably the continuing IR issues. Given Qantas does not expect to be flying international routes again until the latter half of 2021 and that it expects international demand to take years to rebound, it may be the second half of the decade before we see Project Sunrise flights take off. “Between the research flights and what we’ve learned from two years of flying Perth to London, we have a lot of confidence in the market for direct services like New York and London to the east coast of Australia. “We’ve done a lot of work on the economics and we know the last gap we have to close is some efficiency gains associated with our pilots. This is the second of three Project Sunrise research flights, … Ostensibly, these flights were purely scientific and designed to replicate the conditions of the Project Sunrise ultra-long-haul flights. Rightly, people pointed out that this was not how most people would get to experience any future Project Sunrise flights.

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