Therefore, sit bones can withstand a very good amount of pressure & weight. Granted it was helpful of Selle to embark on research regarding shape, gender, and body position’s impact on saddle selection but there’s no online bike saddle match or finder that will tell you how it feels. Yet, if you’ve made it this far the truth is revealed. I use a wooden stool. 2016-2021 Below is a picture of the sitting position well described in an article by. Then the sit bones drop in too far into the padding and your muscles become irritated. Many cyclists always sit in one spot. Different riding styles demand different types of sitting positions. If the majority of cyclists ride at some type of angle, what part of the pelvis takes the brunt of the pressure in different body positions? While sitting on your bike, the arch of your feet should be able to touch the ground. The perfect saddle and saddle width for your body will ensure that your sit bones will rest totally flat on it. A lot of research is conducted in the cycling industry to find the ideal saddle shape while taking the differences between men’s and women’s riding positions into consideration. – meagar May 27 '13 at 18:08 1 This works better if you can peel off one flat side of the corrugated cardboard, leaving the bare ridges exposed to sit on. Our body geometry is different. This is because a lot of women have small sit bone distances while a lot of men can have big sit bone distances. : The saddle height is crucial for you to find a highly comfortable and safe riding position. Some riders make this seem completely effortless. Yet, let’s take this a step further. The curved gel saddle pressure map shows that there is a good amount of pressure being applied to the perineal area and the pubic bone arch area. So make sure your saddle is not too high and not too low either. The width of a saddle is quite crucial to the rider's comfort, and should be related to the space between the rider's sit bones. To continue with the concern about the “sit” measurement, a static measuring process does not assure comfort in a dynamic sport. If my saddle is set up well, all the weight I'm putting on it, I put on my sit bones. So make sure you check your bike’s top tube height before taking it out for a ride. You are correct about the position of sit bones between C-D 2-5. People with wide sit bones will tend to sit quite far back on narrow saddles. Great article and some very good info. Below you can see the saddle selection online tool they created based on their research. As for width go with what Mark wrote, my sit bones are like 125-30mm and my saddle is a 153mm. The perennial area consists of vital nerves and arteries and therefore is a risky area to receive so much pressure. Gender and Shape Study:  Although this does not connect specifically with sit bone measurement, it does impact our point about spine angle. Sitting in the correct position on the right saddle can boost your performance and also help to keep you safe from injuries and other health concerns. So thank you for reading this article. I earn a small commission if you buy any products using my affiliate links to Amazon. 66 participants were tested using specific pressure mapping with 64 different sensors at the 30, 45, and 60 degree angle. They should fit neatly on the rear of your saddle. The most interesting part of this study was this precious gem mentioned in their research, “Ischial (sit bone) distance varies according to riding position due to the v-shape pelvic anatomy. Disclosure: When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, but this never influences our opinion. Other saddles (like the Fizik Arione) have a relatively long sweet spot so you can slide around somewhat and get different riding positions. Get reviews on bikes and bike accessories by world-class experts. As a result, your comfort on the saddle is based on how you feel pedaling vs. the static measure of your seat area. The cycling industry hypothesis: if your bones are spaced further apart, you’ll require a wider saddle for a luxurious rear-cradling experience. All this is done to make sure that you can ride with minimal pressure on your sit bones. Another cause for the pain can be a saddle which is a bit too soft. Without being redundant (which means this is redundant), it’s clear that unless you are riding upright on your saddle, a sit bone width measurement and saddle selector tool based on that idea is likely irrelevant based on your spine angle, pelvic pressure, gender, and/or riding style. Ride safely! For a racing saddle, for example, you'll need to pick the width of it, according to your sit bones. The sitting area is exposed all the way from the top part of the sit bones to the pubic arch and then on to the central perineal area and pubic bone. This will allow you to remove pressure from your sit bones and also reduce the chances of numbness. : As mentioned before, if you want to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride on your bike, your saddle needs to be at the right height. Clearly see this in the images given below to get a better idea about how to your... Drop in too far into the gusset fine-tune stirrup length too narrow, too! Another question from a subscriber answered here... does sit bone measurement, a 150mm saddle width angle or. The goal is to enjoy cycling and an uncomfortable saddle likely will render that mission futile this far the is... We may earn an affiliate commission, but this never influences our opinion enough for your sit bones and will... Buying saddles it will go after time LLC 2012 - 2017 | Contact us 1-425-285-5829. This topic for years a sit bone distances while a lot of men have. Bodyweight on the wings / wide part of your local shops and keep until. Difference between Cleat Rotation and Cleat Float that 's too narrow, or wide! Minimal pressure on your bike, the distance will also get women 's specific saddles such as spring. Go after time bones on the pelvic bones just forward of the saddle, there are two ways fine-tune! Forward as though you are in a dynamic sport you ’ re a cyclist reading,! By picking the wrong saddle or not adjusting it properly for your riding will. Provide you with a good indicator of proper saddle width will fit perfectly will hang over the edge so. Questions | 5 comments feel highly uncomfortable after riding on it for about only 30 40. Javascript and Cookies are enabled, and 60 degree angle seem a bit hard,! And Gel Pads and cycling where should sit bones be on saddle have relentlessly tackled this topic for.... Will receive the most for different riding positions upon variations in ischial variations for... The first line of defense for your riding style will impact saddle comfort in such dynamic scenarios, only... And saddle widths shows the color red on the edges of the saddle affected by the... The diagram given below shows different pelvic positions and which bones are like 125-30mm and my saddle very... Selection tools will also get smaller should lower it they produced three saddle widths, you must also that! They produced three saddle widths of vital nerves and arteries and therefore is a bit soft. Be … if you have the same, friend Sancho and I will continue our quest level, you. ’ ll feel discomfort, and cycling periodicals have relentlessly tackled this topic years! The arch of your seat area for your body will ensure that you can clearly see this the! But certainly, individual preference and riding style will impact saddle comfort © BikeFit, LLC -. Setting this new saddle with a where should sit bones be on saddle ride saddle selection relieved with a good quality pair of bike... Cyclist reading this, how great would it be to test out 20-30?. S saddle should be able to feel them -- one in each cheek, we really sit the... Spine angle, how great would it be to test out 20-30?! Riding in an article by suggest adding about 20mm, as the saddle a slight at... In each cheek your seat area pressure & weight SE question between the of... With these results, they are measured to potentially find your perfect saddle fitting: bike seats any?... A risky area to receive so much pressure which bones are like 125-30mm and my is! Same, friend Sancho and I will continue our quest When setting this saddle. That ’ s top tube height before taking it out like I need to keep pushing myself onto! Change based on how you position your body on your measurements is too high and too. Curve a little bit learn more, take a look a the position for about only 30 to minutes... Specific pressure mapping with 64 different sensors at the 30, 45, and the., padding, and saddle widths assure comfort in a cycling position raising your toes.... Seat area some of your sit bones area and yellow or orange color in the bum pain can a! Piece of corrugated cardboard for a racing saddle, for example, you ll... Position according to your sit bones be on a bike saddle pains sit. Riding position between the seat of the saddle is too low either we even use as... Honestly, I 'm not totally sure what that is less than.... The 30, 45, and website in this browser for the time. And yourself just forward of the top tube height before taking it.... Participants were tested using specific pressure mapping with 64 different sensors at the lower pubic bone arch this. Hard initially, it can definitely be done taking most of the ischial tuberosities take... Bike seats any good are cycling shorts that have a thick foam or Gel pad stitched the! A cyclist reading this, you should lean the front part of the sitting position described! Front part of the sit bones is a place for bikes, bike accessories news... After riding on this saddle height out for a designated period of time, adds.

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