Carl Ice, current president and CEO of BNSF Railway, will retire at the close of 2020.Executive Vice President of Operations Katie Farmer will assume the role at … The PSC granted the request, but also ordered that the switch be moved to a safer location and that the present service to customers located on the industrial spur track served by the switch be maintained. Nati Harnik / AP Nov. 3, 2009, 12:53 PM UTC ... Robert Menzies is the Owner and Chairman of the Aberdeen Caroilna & Western Railway Company. BNSF Railway’s first-in-the-industry Tribal Relations program seeks to build and strengthen ties with the many diverse tribal nations on BNSF’s network, and to foster within BNSF a greater cultural understanding of these tribal nations, their rights and governance, cultural resources, and other crucial issues. Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has agreed to buy Burlington Northern Santa Fe in a deal valuing the railroad at $34 billion. The BNSF Railway Line is a Metra commuter rail line operated by the eponymous freight railroad in Chicago and its western suburbs.In 2010, the BNSF Railway Line continued to have the highest weekday ridership (average 64,600) of the 11 Metra lines. Appellant Burlington Northern Railroad Company (hereinafter Burlington Northern) sought removal of a switch located in Sheridan. BNSF is one of the biggest railroads in North America, operating in 28 states in the western two-thirds of the U.S. and three Canadian provinces over a 32,500-mile rail network. The company can carry higher volumes from North Dakota or Alberta, she said. With a network comprising a staggering 26,000 miles (excluding subsidiaries Colorado & Southern and Fort Worth & Denver) it even eclipsed the enormous Penn Central Transportation Company. “We have always had and will always have a bias for growth,” Farmer, who became chief executive on Jan. 1, told the Midwest Association of Rail Shippers on Wednesday. It shows transportation routes spanning over 32,000 miles. Today's BNSF is the product of nearly 400 different railroad lines that merged or … The company is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, which is controlled by investor Warren Buffett. Burlington Northern carries about 25 percent of the oil from the Bakken, said York-Woolley, the railroad spokeswoman. Burlington Northern Santa Fe, LLC is the parent company of the BNSF Railway (formerly the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway). When created on March 2, 1970 the Burlington Northern was America's largest railroad. While Metra does not refer to its lines by particular colors, the BNSF line's color on Metra timetables is "Cascade Green," a nod to the … former Burlington - Rock Island Railroad In 1970, it merged with the Northern Pacific Railway and Great Northern to form the Burlington Northern Railroad The Burlington Northern Railroad Co. v. Woods, 480 U.S. 1 1987 was a United States Supreme Court case that applied the precedent of Hanna v. Plumer to a Burlington Northern Depot or Burlington Northern Station may refer to: … This is an interactive system map of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway, a class I rail carrier along the western half of the United States. BNSF Railway under new CEO Katie Farmer will have the same focus on growth that the company has had since its inception 25 years ago.